17. maj 2012

Zombie Leaders

All the zombies at the Crawl was divided into groups of 50, maybe 60. Zombie smurfs was posing as group leaders to channel the zombies through the bars without getting too crowded. Worked fine i think. However I really wanted to see the whole catastrophe horde the streets at once. Maybe that's something they could do until they reach the first bar, then split up.
I have this photo in color as well - too creepy to show on the site though. ^_^


Next year I'll buy a cheap Sigma fisheye and have that as my dogma lens. It'll be great.

Take it seriously

The atmosphere was amazing when participants "took it seriously". At one point I was stuck on top of a large garbage container, Zombies were flocking around me "trying" to pull me down (knowing that I had my camera and was situated quite dangerously - so they weren't really placing me in any danger... thank god!) my good friend and colleague Mikkel, who was also posing as a zombie, jumped the container and started eating me. It was amazing! To bad I had a 70-300mm cheap Sigma on at the moment, so nothing useful came out of it. Dang.
One (of many) zombie "taking it seriously".

My First Encounter

The zombie Ricco was the first zombie encounter I had. Its zombie friends walked past me while I was changing lenses. When I turned around this walking corpse was in my face smiling. It was cool.

Zombie Ricco posing for the camera. Flowers was involved.

Later I caught it crossing the street.

The Crawl 2012

The Annual Crawl went well. I posed as surviving photographer who had recently had a bath, brushed his teeth and stayed sober. It was cool.

A reporter found a safe location to shoot from. 

The Resistance.

Zombie crowd ready to crawl.

3. marts 2012

Tree on its head

Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4


Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4

26. juni 2011



3. april 2011

The fog came

"They" promised us fog for Saturday morning but it didn't show up. Later that day we went for a walk in the woods, and suddenly within less than 20 minutes fog has filled the entire landscape.
It is amazing how fog starts making compositions in the scenery. The great sensation of depth is profound.

Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4