9. august 2010

My 50mm f/1.4 is at the repair shop

And I'm extremly sad about it. I bought it 4 months ago - it has, on three occasions acted weirdly, but not enough for me to do anything about it. However - two days ago the focus wheel got more and more unresponsive and by the evening there was almost no connection between the focus wheel and the focus, nor between the auto focus engine and the focus.
( -_-)

7. august 2010

Extraordinary Square Bokeh

For those of you who know about Bokeh (click to find out more) this should be pretty amazing to see. Bokeh (background and foreground blur) is usually the shape of the formation that the shutter blades make when the camera is triggered. The size of the Bokeh is a result of the focal length within a lens.
With my costum Bokeh presets - (see earlier post) - I can force the Bokeh into different shapes. Here I've chosen a square, which shapewise is directly opposit of the usual circular Bokeh - furthermore a square is not cheesy like other costum Bokehs such as hearts, smilies or other rediculous inventions.
Anyway - click the photo above and pay attention to the blur in the background. That is freaking fancy!

Also here is a sunset taken with my square Bokeh preset.
I just want to point out that these two photos have undertaken no manipulative process. It is purely analogue effects.
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4 Bokeh Preset: Square

2. august 2010

Costum Bokeh Testrun

So taking the Costum Bokeh on and off works like a charm. Replacing the Bokeh with another "Preset" is easy as well. So far I got the diamond shaped Bokeh, and a heart which i will not post any pictures of since its a total cliche.
My Katrine helping out.

Costum Bokeh Creation

Costum Bokehs is not something new. Apparently there is alot of turotials on the web about this, but with a bit of theoretical knowledge about light and lenses this is no prob to figure out. What I wanted to make was a Costum Bokeh which I can costumize without alot of effort - on the fly.

First the things needed and what I did:Second how it looks: